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The LMFPA Code of Conduct was developed for LMFPA members to ensure that the highest level of professionalism, ethical conduct and good governance are observed by Microfinance practitioners and their employees. A workshop was organized on 13th February 2014 to obtain member feedback and following the events that transpired in Batticaloa in April 2014; this Code of Conduct was further modified and is now implemented. The guidelines cover 9 areas namely:

  1. Maintaining Integrity
  2. Maintaining Quality of Service
  3. Avoiding Over-indebtedness
  4. Maintaining Transparency
  5. Conducting of Fair Practices
  6. Privacy of Client Information
  7. Integrating Social Values into Operations
  8. Developing a Feedback Mechanism and
  9. Maintaining healthy competition
The members of LMFPA who have consented to the Code of Conduct at present are as follows:
  • Strommme Microfinance Asia (Gte) Ltd
  • Berendina Microfinance Institute (Gte) Ltd
  • Habaraduwa Participatory Development Foundation
  • South Asia Partnership Sri Lanka
  • Hambantota Women’s Development Federation
  • Akmeemana Women’s Development Foundation
  • Young Men’s Christian Association Batticaloa
  • Colombo District Business Development Co-operative Society
  • Uva Govijana Kendraya
  • Dumbara Micro Credit Ltd
  • Yes Foundation
  • Lak Jaya Microfinance Ltd
  • Janamithu Lanka Ltd
  • Sustainable Appropriate Projects Company Ltd
  • VisionFund Lanka Ltd
  • Nation Lanka Finance PLC
  • Arthavida Intermediary Ltd
  • Saviya Development Foundation
  • Sejaya Micro Credit Limited
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